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  1. Kat's Review of The Suicide Plan by Emma Clapperton (Patrick McLaughlin #3)

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    Synopsis: Standing up and welcoming everyone to the spiritualist church is something Patrick McLaughlin does most evenings. Most of the faces in the audience are familiar to him, except one. David Hopkirk walks into the West End Spiritualist church in Glasgow and slits his own throat in the middle of a demonstration. His reasoning? Patrick is only of use to him in death. In this novella, Patrick is once more catapulted into a world which sees the death of a ten year old boy, a failed court case and a family torn apart. He has most of the puzzle pieces in his possession, he just needs to fit them together. 

    Kat's Rating: 5/5 


    Kat's Review: This novella by Emma Clapperton forms part of the series featuring Patrick McLaughlin. Now firstly this series is a paranormal series which I know isn't for everybody, and normally I would include myself in that list. However, there are exceptions to my rule and certain authors manage to hook me with this genre and Emma Clapperton is one of them. Patrick and Jodie McLaughlin are both mediums and Patrick uses his gift to try and pass along messages to people who have lost loved ones. One evening in the spiritualist church where Patrick and Jodie work a man named David Hopkirk arrives and slits his own throat in front of everybody, asking Patrick to help him before he commits this terrible suicide!

    Yep, sounds crazy I know but in a weird way although it's a grisly and violent opening it has the wow factor and you  can't help but wonder what it is that this man needs help with. Patrick then goes on to delve into the world of David and find out what was driving him so hard to commit suicide and help him. Although this is only 78 pages and a novella/short story (which I normally don't enjoy) this one hit the spot nicely.

    It re-introduces you to Patrick and Jodie and where they are with their lives, whilst delivering a fast paced and enthralling story. All in all this was a cracking book and only made me want to read the next full length book in the series....yesterday! A great book for this genre and a series I will continue to follow.

  2. Kat's Review of Henderson Manor by Emma Clapperton (Patrick McLaughlin #2)

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    Emma CLapperton Henderson ManorMy Rating: 4/5

    Synopsis: Do you believe a house can remember things that have happened in the past? 

    As D.S Preston and D.C Lang investigate the death of a young girl in an old manor house in Glasgow they ask themselves, who would want to kill an innocent girl in her own home and why? They believe their questions are answered and the case is closed.

    Sam Leonard could not be happier, he has an amazing acting career, a loyal best friend and a fantastic girlfriend and after a previous turbulent relationship, what could go wrong? 

    Patrick McLaughlin’s life is going well. His marriage is stable and with a baby on the way, things can only get better. But a house that Patrick buys is not all it seems. With a family burial plot in the gardens, visions and messages from the deceased and a fairly recent death in the house, will Patrick and Jodie regret their purchase? 

    Henderson Manor will bring together the lives of several unsuspecting people…but can a house let go of its past?

  3. Kat's Review of Beyond Evidence by Emma Clapperton (Patrick McLaughlin #1)

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    Emma Clapperton Beyond Evidence
    My Rating: 4/5

    Synopsis: In an alley way of the back streets of Glasgow there lies a decomposing corpse of a slain female baking in the midday heat. No one has found her yet, but medium Patrick McLaughlin knows she is there. It is not the first time he has dreamt of death... and he soon finds out that it is not to be the last.

    Meanwhile, the local police start to request DNA samples from twenty something men in the bustling city of Glasgow where several bizarre murders have taken place.

    Through a hunch and in the belief that the terrifying dreams hold the key to the identity of the murderer, Patrick works alongside the police to track down the predator before they can strike again. 

    The nightmares do not ease up and begin to tear at Patricks sanity and in the midst of the investigation, at what cost would Patrick have to pay to stop the killer striking again?

    His friends? His family? His life?