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  1. Kat's Review of Pieces of You by Ella Harper

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    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Available: Kindle, Paperback, Kobo, Nook

    Synopsis: The perfect marriage. A devastating secret.  An impossible choice. Lucy was always sure of one thing – her future with husband and soulmate Luke. But after eight long, heart-breaking years trying to have a baby, that future is crumbling before her eyes. When a terrible accident puts Luke into a coma, Lucy is forced to reassess everything she thought she wanted. Then Stella arrives. A woman Lucy’s never met, but with a secret that will change her world forever.

    My Review: I am a Sasha Wagstaff fan, and for those that don’t know Ella Harper is a pseudonym used by her for the release of this book. The characters are extremely likeable and Lucy and Luke are who the story centres around. They seem to have it all and as the story progresses we are taken back chapter by chapter to how and when they met. When we read about them in the current day, although their love for each other is blindingly obvious, Lucy’s need for a baby seems to be overshadowing everything. The premise is probably a familiar one with thousand across the world knowing just what Lucy is going through.