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Andrew Gross Killing Hour My Rating: 3/5

 I had high expectations for this as I have loved his other books. I have to be honest and say I wasn't as thrilled as I thought I would be. The story itself was okay, but just that, okay.

We meet Dr Jay Handler who is living happily with his wife and children when he receives a desperate phone call from his brother Charlie. Charlie's son Evan has committed suicide. Ay decides to fly to visit them and help Charlie and his wife through this difficult time whilst grieving for Evan. What he doesn't bank on is the fact that Evan's death looks suspicious. Before long Jay is dragged into finding out what really happened to his nephew.

I liked the character of Jay and the story was well paced, but there were things I wasn't keen on. Jay's brother Charlie was lacking depth and there seemed to be a lot of the story elements that repeated too often.

I was saddened to read that the character Evan was based around Andrew Gross nephew who also committed suicide. The writing was good and the story not bad, I just don't think this was his best.

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