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My Rating: 4/5

I have had this book on my to read list for quite some time and having now finished it, wonder why I waited so long. Geraint Anderson originally wrote an anonymous column in a free London newspaper and following an early retirement announced himself as Geraint Anderson; an MP's son. Following on from this he moved into the world of books and released his first book `Cityboy' back in 2008. This current book Just Business was his follow up released in 2011.

Steve Jones is the central character and is a typical City Boy, entertaining the clients and earning six figure sums. The problem is Steve wants out of the murky world of finance and he soon comes across something that could help him make his move. What he doesn't realise is that by making that decision he is going to change his life forever. When he learns of his boss' involvement in a multi million-pound scam he sets a plan in place. Unfortunately, his boss is murdered and he is the prime suspect. With that in mind he takes the option of going on the run with his girlfriend Gemma.

Now don't get me wrong, the book is not an outstanding original or a book that will make waves for various reasons. However, when I am reading a book it's all about whether the book grabs my attention and keeps me reading. This book ticked all the boxes. Steve Jones is an entertaining character and the story certainly has quite a lot of action. Having read some other reviews I read a lot of people saying that the story was unbelievable and far fetched. Maybe there is an element of the far fetched about it, but that for me is what makes it so readable. I am a fan of many of the bigger authors such as Simon Kernick, even though on occasion, his books can be described as a little far fetched.

The book also features quite a lot of swearing, so if that's not your thing maybe give it a miss. As for me, well...I swear like a sailor so it certainly doesn't bother me. All in all this was an easy to read book which had me hooked from chapter one. The ending is pretty open so who knows what's next for Steve Jones. I for one, can only hope we see him return and I look forward to the release of his next book `Payback Time' in June 2012.

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