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Katia Lief Hide and SeekMy Rating: 3/5

This book drew my interest with both the title and the cover. It looked intriguing enough and when I read the jacket details it sounded like just my cup of tea. As I normally do before I read an author I have not read before I checked out Katia Lief online. Some people may get confused reading her books and I can see why.

Katia Lief was born Katia Spiegelman and following on from her career in publishing she wrote and released two novels. Shortly after that she used the name Kate Pepper who started writing thrillers of which she wrote 4. Once married (I'm assuming) she moved to her current married name of Katia Lief. It seems (from Katia's website) that she has written 8 stand alone novels, one of which is a young adult novel. In addition to that she has written two books in the Karin Schaeffer series, with a third due for release in 2012.

To add to the already confusing list of things Katia has done, some of her books have different tiles both in the US and the UK. Once I had confused myself sufficiently, I figured I should just read the book and see if I liked it.

The book itself was not too big and to be honest I was glad of that. I am getting far too used to reading my nice light Kindle. The story focuses on Karin Schaeffer and we see her and her husband Mac along with their young son Ben leading a reasonably normal life. As both of them have had careers with the police, they are certainly used to the harsh realities of life. However when Mac's parents are murdered, and Mac's brother is taken into custody for the crime, things turn ugly.

Karin and Mac were likeable characters and it doesn't take long for the story to hot up. Pretty soon, Mac disappears and is presumed dead, only Karin is convinced otherwise; she just needs to prove it.

The story was pretty well paced all the way through and there is certainly no shortage of twists and turns as Karin goes all out to find her husband and unravel whatever it is that he's involved in. On the plus side, as the books has a pretty good writing style with short and sharp chapters, it tends to keep your interest. However, although it was an easy enough book to read, it seemed rather hurried and at times a little too easy (if that makes sense).

I think that this is the sort of book that people can read just to pass the time, but there are too many predictable parts to the book that I almost knew what was on the next page. The ending was also pretty hurried which made it feel rather rushed. I certainly enjoyed the book and it didn't take long to read. However, although I wouldn't turn down another Katia LIef book, I certainly won't be rushing out to buy the next one.

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