Kat's Review of Five Days to Die by Katia Lief

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Katia LIef 5 Days to DieMy Rating: 3/5

Katia Lief (also known as Kate Pepper) has written lots of books but I quite enjoyed her book Hide and Seek which was released in 2010. This new stand alone (in the US published under the Title Five Days In Summer) sounded interesting and I was looking forward to reading it. Emily Parker is enjoying time with her three young children and decides to make a quick run top the grocery store. That is the last time her children see her, and pretty soon it becomes clear to her husband Will and mother Sarah that something is wrong.

Will ends up turning to a retired FBI profiler John Geary for help in finding her. The start was pretty fast paced with Emily going missing and the reader sees her family's worst fears become reality. The story was easy to get into and the way it was written was very easy to go along with. However, with the introduction of John Geary, I couldn't help but feel that this was not going to be a book that stayed on my radar for too long.

At around the halfway mark I was certainly reading it quick enough and found myself keen to keep reading. However, some of the characters just lacked something. Maybe I have read too many characters that are unmemorable but it seems that it has to be something very different to stand out from the crowd. Towards the end there were a few plot twists which I enjoyed, although sadly it seemed too obvious a solution to the plot for me. I guessed who the killer was, and the ending therefore was slightly less enjoyable for me.

It is certainly a good book, but just not original enough for me to remember it by. I enjoyed the Karin Schaeffer book and look forward to reading another in that series. Otherwise, I would say this was a run of the mill book although enjoyable just not that special!

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