Kat's Review of Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill

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My Rating 3.5/5

So this was my first book by Nick Quantrill and also the first featuring Joe Geraghty. Some of you that follow my reviews know I’m a sucker for a series however having finished this book I have to be honest and say it was a pretty refreshing male lead character! Joe Geraghty is a Private Investigator who works with his friend Don and her daughter Sarah. His case starts off as being a straightforward find my daughter scenario. However, from quite early on we see that Joe is tangled up in the case that involves Jennifer Murdoch who was found dead.

In the early part of the book I found myself wondering if I had missed a bit as the whole Jennifer Murdoch case and how Joe is in the centre of it left me feeling a bit bewildered. Pretty soon there are many threads to the plot involving many people and it certainly made for interesting reading. I was trying desperately to work out who it was, and found myself surprised as it’s been a while since I read a real “whodunit”!

The characters are surprisingly ordinary and to be honest when you read the amount of crime books that I do, it makes a refreshing change. I kind of found myself gaining another favourite male lead character but only because Joe was so normal. He likes a beer, has trouble with his past, and the most surprisingly does not posses any martial arts or firearms training (hurrah, at last a male lead that isn’t an expert!).  The actual story like I said before was a real mystery and although I felt was a little slow at the beginning it picked up pace and towards the end was brilliant.

As usual with any series I read and enjoy I have already brought book 2. I always find it difficult to really gel with the characters in just one book (especially in a series) but this is a great platform for it and I’m really looking forward to book 2.

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