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My Rating: 4/5

I'm pretty sure that in the course of my reading history I have read Sandra Brown before. She isn't an author that pops to the front of my mind, when thinking about my favourite crime books. When I received a review copy and read the synopsis I thought it sounded surprisingly engrossing so I bumped it up the `to read' list and made a start. When Honor Gillette's daughter runs into the house and tells her Mum that there is `sick man' on the front lawn, Honor does no more than go out to help the guy. What she doesn't realise is that the man on her front lawn is actually Lee Coburn who is wanted by the police for multiple murders.

Within the first two chapters I was hooked. Lee Coburn although armed and dangerous is also a desperate man. He insists that Honor's late husband Eddie had something extremely valuable and he wants it. If she goes along with Coburn both Honor and her daughter would remain unharmed. The fact that this ordinary Mother and daughter are taken at gunpoint makes for extremely exciting reading very early on. I was drawn into the story as Honor fights to keep her daughter safe. She is completely unaware of what Coburn wants but is determined to make sure he gets it.

Quite a few other characters are introduced early on and even before the halfway mark I began questioning every character almost convincing myself that they were `in on it'! Before too long I realised that I was nearly finished and realised that although it was late I HAD to finish reading. Was I right? This is certainly a `whodunit' kind of book and I loved the fact that there was so much going on. There were quite a few plot twists and although I saw one or two coming I certainly couldn't have predicted others.

Sandra Brown to me falls into the Romantic Suspense genre, although I cannot speak for the rest of her books but this one most certainly is. The ending was brilliant and it's certainly a book that will hold your interest and keep you reading until the early hours. This sort of book will be a definite winner for fans of Karen Rose. If you haven't read Sandra Brown before, maybe you should give her a go!

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