Kat's Review of A is For Asshat by Rebecca Cantrell and Sean Black

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Synopsis: The first novel in a fast-paced, funny new series that's perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton. 

After a decade spent in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight as the star of kids’ TV show Half Pint Detective, Sofia Salgado has had enough. Desperate to build a life outside showbiz, she quits acting to do something that everyone around her– including her family – thinks is plain nuts. Get a real job. 

They think she’s even crazier when she announces that she’s going to become a real detective, instead of playing one on TV. She’s convinced the technical consultant from her TV show, Brendan Maloney, to take her on in his detective agency, but can accident-prone Sofia hack it?

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I am quite a fan of Sean Black and his books but was unsure what to expect from this latest release which he and Rebecca Cantrell have written together. This is a series of books featuring Detective Sofia Salgado who has had her fame as a successful TV Detective. She has now taken a ‘real life’ job working for Brendan Moloney and his Detective Agency.

As the first in a series there are always minor things that may irritate but I tend to overlook these as with a first book in a series they need to cover some of the groundwork that the series is built on. I was glad Black and Cantrell did this as you get a real feel for the characters that are part of the series (hopefully). Sofia is a very likeable and funny character, along with her annoying but likeable colleague Aidan. Sofia’s family, especially her niece and nephew are brilliant additions and I hope we see more of them in the future.

The main thread of this story revolves around the death of somebody who was a client for the Agency. Before they know it Sofia and Aidan are dragged in to become part of the investigation. It’s hard to explain but this book sits in-between genres for me. It’s light-hearted and a dose of humour always pleases me, but ultimately it’s most definitely a mystery. I think this book will be an absolute winner for people that aren’t hard-core crime and thriller fans, but like the element of mystery and intrigue. There is also the rather unusual and notable element of there being no bad language, which some people are never a fan of!

Overall the book is what I think is a solid start to a highly entertaining set of mysteries. It has all the key elements without too much gore or violence and has great characters. The biggest pull for me is Sofia herself who is a funny character but ultimately a woman that wants to become more involved in her job. I had my reservations about this but frankly Rebecca and Sean have every right to stick 2 fingers up at me right about now and say I told you so!

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