Kat's Review of Blood Country by Sean Black (Byron Tibor #2)

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Synopsis: Having fled his home in New York, and still hunted by the Federal government, special forces veteran Byron is forced to intervene when he stumbles across unsettling events in a small Texas border town. 

The first novel in the series, Post, is nominated for the 2015 International Thriller Writers' Awards to be held in New York on July 11th.

Kat’s Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: First off if you haven’t read the first book featuring Byron Tibor I really think you should. Yes, you could read this as a standalone, but reading the first book gives you a real feel for Byron as a character and what he has been through. We start off watching as Byron makes his way across Texas still on the run from the Federal Government. When he reaches a small town in Kelson County things start to take a very strange turn.

When I read the first book in this series I really had my reservations, however once I’d read the first book I was hooked. Byron Tibor is not an ordinary ex-veteran; he is one that underwent an a programme which involved the US Government inserting an implant into their best soldiers to create a ‘guilt free and enhanced’ soldier. No doubt some will be rolling their eyes (as I was when I read the synopsis to Post, Book 1) however there is so much more to these stories and the character that you are compelled to keep reading. This element of the story hasn’t been overdone and is balanced with fantastic writing and characters you like. It also helps that Sean Black has come up with a particularly cool name for a lead, Byron Tibor just has that ring about it!

When Byron reaches Kelson County he is put into a situation that even he can’t get out of. The whole thing had a surreal kind of ‘Truman Show’ feel to it and I couldn’t help but feel a little ‘weirded out’ at all the goings on in this small Texas town. To be honest I can’t really say any more about the actual storyline because I think it will ruin it for people. What I did find was that, once again SB has written a book that I didn’t want to leave alone. Byron is a fantastic character and the friendship he makes and decisions he comes to make you empathise with his situation all the more.

I have been an avid fan of the Ryan Lock series that Sean Black writes but Byron Tibor is practically matching it for the love of the series now. I think what makes this refreshing is that Byron doesn’t always make the right choices, and in this latest instalment we see even the toughest lead characters in situations even they can’t fix. The different plot threads that unravel are intriguing and full of tension and I just wanted to read on and see what happens next top Byron.

I know that many well-known writers have their loyal fans such as Peter James, Lee Child, Mark Billingham and the like. However, I truly think that Sean Black is one of THE most underrated authors out there. He continues to write brilliant book after brilliant book (no I’m not on his Payroll!). I just think it’s a shame that people automatically choose the more mainstream authors and never glance outside of that. I truly hope that if you haven’t read a Sean Black before you debate picking one up, I don’t think anybody would be disappointed!

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