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Synopsis: The first part in a direct to digital short-story in a murder mystery three-part thriller from the bestselling author of Ultimatum, Stay Alive and The Final Minute.

Six ex school-friends have been brought together on a remote island.

They haven’t all been in contact since a fateful night twenty-one years ago, when their friend Rachel Skinner was found dead. The man arrested for her murder has now been acquitted, and the seven friends are fearing for their lives.

But are they hiding from the right person? Or have they fallen into a deadly trap?

Kat’s Rating: 3/5

Kat’s Review: Okay I have to say I am totally unimpressed by Kernick’s Publishers. Why do they keep releasing his books in three parts it’s REALLY annoying. I LOVE Simon Kernick’s books and they are the sort of books that go from 0-100 in seconds and the pedal rarely comes off the gas. Unfortunately, this means that if you buy the book in parts as they are released you have to wait. I know this is a great money maker for the Publisher’s but I would rather pay MORE for a book and have it all in one. This particular ‘short story’ is a step too far at about 36 pages! Parts 2 and 3 amount to little more than 30 pages, so all in all this is a short story in 3 parts?!?!? WTF.

Normally I would explain a little about the story but to be honest the synopsis would cover a page so it seems pointless to go over something you can read yourself. Yes the writing was Kernick and typical in its style, however by the time I had turned a few pages I was nearly done.  The sad thing about this is that although his style was there, there was little else of substance. I figured out what was what pretty early on and felt gutted that I had even tried to get my head around it.

All in all I was seriously unimpressed. I hope that the Publishers stop doing this. Let Kernick do what he best (the writing) and they should just sell the damn book…not as parts, just as a good old fashioned book.

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