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Mike Gayle Turning FourtyMy Rating 3/5

Synopsis: How to turn forty:

1. Set yourself a personal challenge.

2. Clear wardrobe of all age-inappropriate clothing.

3. Relax.

How not to turn forty:

1. Have a complete meltdown . . .

High-flier Matt Beckford's sole ambition is to turn forty with his life sorted. And with a Porsche on the drive and a job that requires him to spend more time in BA's club lounge than his own lounge, it looks like things are going in the right direction. But when Matt's wife unexpectedly calls time on their marriage, a chain of events is set in motion that very quickly sees him facing forty broke, homeless and completely alone.

But all is not lost because Matt has a plan . . .

My Review- The last book I read by MG I absolutely loved (The Stag and Hen Weekend) so I as looking forward to another book by him. Having said that, the first book of his I read (his debut novel) I wasn’t keen on; so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This book is actually a sequel to the book MG released back in 200 entitles Turning Thirty. I haven’t read that book, but from reading this current one it made no odds as I still ‘got’ the book.

Matt Beckford is an easy character to read, but I can’t honestly say I warmed to him all that much from start to finish. The early part of the book makes no bones in launching the reader straight into Matt’s current situation of he and his wife Lauren separating. It is from that point that we see Matt struggle and fail to get himself together. When he finally bites the bullet and moves back to his parent’s house, it seems the story picks up a little bit. I quite liked the writing style and it was an easy book to read, however if I’m being 100% honest it just didn’t interest me enough.

Having read two of his books and with both of them being on opposite ends of enjoyment, I just felt this was passable. It was okay, but certainly not memorable enough, knowing what MG is capable of. I wonder whether there was pressure for Gayle to create a sequel, and maybe if I would have read the first book maybe I would have felt differently? Who knows, but overall, although I enjoyed it; it just wasn’t anything I would write home about. I will still continue to read MG books and hope the next one is just as good as his last book!

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