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Paige Toon Baby Be MineMy Rating: 4/5


I only read my first Paige Toon book a few weeks ago which happened to be `Johnny Be Good'. I was so impatient for the sequel that this one suddenly shot straight to the top of my `to read' pile.

In the book Johnny Be Good we met Meg Stiles working as a PA to the hottest rock star on the planet Johnny Jefferson. She has a turbulent relationship with her boss Johnny and although she is madly in love with him we see her finish the story having got together with Johnny's friend Christian.

For those that have already read that book you will know that it ended with Meg realising that her pregnancy was more than likely the result of her one night fling with Johnny and not her current live in boyfriend Christian. I admit, I was crushed when I realised it was an ending like that, but thankfully for me as I only recently picked Paige's books up I didn't have long to wait. We catch up with Meg and Christian who now live in the South of France with their son Barney. Except Meg is the only one that Barney is not in fact Christian's, but her ex-boss and one time love Johnny Jefferson.

In the last book, I loved Meg and Christian but wasn't that much of a fan on Johnny. This new book changes my opinion slightly, but not entirely! Strangely, although Johnny is a naughty so and so that doesn't appear to keep out of trouble I found myself warming to him anyway.

As usual Paige takes us on the messy and sometimes laugh out loud funny journey of Meg's revelation to both Christian and Johnny. The turbulent times ahead for her drag us along as a reader and I found myself completely immersed in their world. Paige Toon also has an uncanny knack for making you feel like you are sitting on the couch of their home with them, or looking out over the fabulous view of Los Angeles, she has that knack to take you wherever they go.

As I made my way to well over the halfway point, I wasn't sure if I was going to entirely like the ending and as predicted I'm still not to sure, but think that is entirely down to personal preference and not the writing. As ever I finished the book feeling strangely satisfied, but craving more Toon!

Thankfully for me I have lots of books of hers I have yet to read so I can get my next fix when I need to. I can honestly say that I think Paige Toon fans will be grateful for this sequel and I would highly recommend her books, but suggest starting with the earlier ones and working your way through them.

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