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Pippa Wright Unsuitable MenMy Rating: 3/5

Pippa Wright released her first book Lizzy Harrison Loses Control in 2011. Her latest release Unsuitable Men was released in March 2012 and was the first of her books I had read. Rory Carmichael is single after eleven years of being with her boyfriend Martin. It didn't take me to long to like her as a character; she works at at the posh magazine Country Life and doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere. With a little encouragement from her work friend Ticky, she embarks on a project.

Instead of trying to work out why her relationship went wrong, she is going to date as many unsuitable men as she can. The characters are without a doubt what make this book. Rory moves in with her Aunt Lydia who has two elderly lodgers. The two elderly lodgers are once famous Percy and Eleanor who make for some very entertaining conversations! Rory's Aunt Lydia is also very comical with her straight talking and her own secretive past.

I wondered whether the story would be enough to keep this book going, but to be honest the characters make it work. They are funny and entertaining and keep you amused throughout. There is also the various dates that Rory goes on, which thankfully weren't milked too much but made light hearted and funny instead.

Although this isn't maybe one of the best I have read recently it was certainly light hearted and refreshing. I love the fact that some of the characters are not the stereotypical young twenty-thirty something girlfriends. I enjoyed this book and would certainly look out for more of Pippa Wright's books.

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