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Rebecca Chance DivasMy Rating: 4/5

Well as her debut novel I had set my sights low (sad as that may seem). Unfortunately there is so much competition in this field it seems like there is more and more of the same tired types of chick lit out there. Having said that, the main reason I read this type of genre is the sheer escapism element. The whole point of reading this type of book is to lose yourself in the unrealistic and hope for a happy outcome.

As soon as you start reading this it becomes clear very soon that the characters are most definitely rich and spoilt. Lola is the spoilt `princess' daughter who is given everything and does not a thing all day every day apart from spend her fathers money. You have Evie who is the mistress, put up in the smartest flat with lots of credit cards in tap, and finally the wife Carin, who is all about the money and wants anybody connected to money she could have, out of the picture.

The characters are fantastic because they are all so catty and hell bent on getting their own way. Although Lola and Evie are both greedy in their own way as well as being spoilt as the book progresses you begin to like them more and more as they realise the pitfalls of their own situations. Carin the wife was an absolute bi*ch and a character that you will love to hate. She truly is an awful woman. In addition to the women there are a whole host of male characters that appear in the book and their roles dramatically change over the course of the story.

The story itself was well thought out and most definitely further over the line for the unrealistic nature than I would normally go for, but somehow it worked incredibly well. There were quite a lot of twists and plot surprises along the way which made for an interesting read too.

My only criticism was that for some reason I found it hard to connect with one of the main lead male characters. It wasn't a major issue but kind of bugged me that I couldn't see the good in him all that much. Be warned, if you are not a fan of graphic sex in books then you may want to give this a wide berth. I think lately a lot of the chick lit books seem to be getting that little bit raunchier, and the authors certainly aren't shy!

Overall, I think that this is an awesome debut for Rebecca Chance (aka Lauren Henderson) and think that I will definitely be getting the next book she has released to add to my `to read list' rather soon.

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