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My Rating: 4/5

I read Rebecca Chance’s (AKA Lauren Henderson’s) first book Diva’s amd really enjoyed it. After my to read list got a little bit out of hand, I finally got around to reading her second book Bad Girls. In this book we meet four people who are all on the dangerously rock road to addiction. The Supermodel Amber Peters has a pill addiction which is ruining her, Lap-dancer Skye Ellwood makes her way to rehab under very strange circumstances,  along with the A List Movie star Joe Jeffrey’s; and lastly there is Petal Gold who is famous for being the daughter of her rock legend father.

The four of them collide in very different manners and they all end up spending 30 days in Cascabel Clinic. Now reading the synopsis didn’t exactly send sparks flying, but I actually think it hasn’t lent any favour to the story at all. The story is actually a lot more interesting and as a reader we spend the first half of the book getting to know everybody before they even end up at Cascabel.

The four characters all have very different lives and to be honest I liked all of them with the exception of Petal Gold. I spent the entire book wanting to give the spoiled little rich kid a slap around the chops! By the time they all reach rehab, the story has picked up considerable pace although for some people this type of book may not be for you. The reason for this is the amount of sex, sexual references and general sauciness of this kind of book. It’s certainly a no-holds barred kind of book and even though it doesn’t bother me in the slightest it may not be everybody’s cup of tea!

Nearing the end, I realised that I liked the way the book was going, I though the ending was good too and wrapped things up nicely for me. Reading her second book, it reminded me why I had this on my ‘to read’ list. Rebecca Chance’s books are the perfect read for people who want the sheer escapism of a scandalously raunchy book. This to me is a great combination of what makes a good bonkbuster and I would certainly recommend it. I dropped one star purely because I disliked one character so much! I am hoping that (third time lucky) when I read the next book Bad Sisters, I may actually like all of the characters!

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