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Rebecca Chance Bad AngelsMy Rating: 5/5

The only way I can describe Rebecca Chance books is that they are similar to her covers with the glitzy shoes on them. Imagine being online shopping and seeing a sexy new pair of shoes that you just HAVE to have, you go through the excitement of waiting for them to be delivered, and then the first time you wear them is sheer joy, sexiness and glamour all rolled into one! I feel the same way about a gorgeous pair of shoes as I do Rebecca Chance books. Sorry for that but I just HAD to describe them as there are sometimes no other words to get across the way a book makes the reader feel!

Her latest offering Bad Angels is by far her naughtiest and is certainly a brilliant read. The first thing I must point out is that this book DOES contain scenes of (very) graphic sex. It doesn't bother me in the slightest but if it's not your bag, then please don't buy it and then complain about it! Rebecca Chance is the Jackie Collins of the current book world in my eyes. She does it all, glamour, sex and celebrities. It's all complete and utter escapism and these sorts of books I just love.

This latest offering introduces us to the first two main characters. Melody Down is an actress who has slightly lost her way after falling for what Hollywood had to offer. After too much plastic surgery she comes back to England to have her original plastic surgery corrected and is recovering in Limehouse Wharf. Also in residence at Limehouse is Jon Jordan, an assassin for hire who is also convalescing. The glue that moulds these two together is the in-house nurse Aniela Fatyga. Melody was an easy character to get right into; slightly overwhelmed with the mistakes she has made you can't help but feel a little sorry for her as she tries to correct her past mistakes. Jon is another kettle of fish and is very cautious of all those around him. Rebecca Chance's very vivid description of Jon Jordan is something else though, and for anybody else who reads this book he will no doubt be a hunk of the highest kind ( I wipe my brow).

The no-nonsense nurse Aniela is a funny character who is actually my favourite. She is a woman that isn't traditionally pretty but has that something about her. I loved the fact that we get to see how these three meet and get to know each other very early on. The other characters are Andy the concierge for the building who I loved from the get go and the Russian oligarch Grigor Khalofsky who lives in the building. So much happens in this storyline that I was alternating between blushing and laughing and found myself reading it in just under a day and a half. There are no hidden meanings to this story; it's just a brilliant `Bonkbuster' at its best!

I can honestly say that this is one of my favourites from Rebecca Chance so far. It did have me hiding my book whilst I commuted on the train (for the incredibly raunchy scenes anyway), but it also had me hook line and sinker in terms of not wanting to put it down. It has everything I love in a book like this. Lots of glamour, lots of celebrities acting inappropriately and bucket loads of sex. What more can I say, the perfect Bonkbuster that I suggest you pick up from your nearest book shop ASAP.

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