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Sam Baker To My Best FriendsMy Rating: 4/5

As I had never read any of Sam Baker's books I had no clue what she was like but thought the synopsis of this sounded different. That is one thing I was right about as this book stretches into areas that people may not be that comfortable reading about.

We meet Nicci very early on and soon realise that she is on her death bed, and her final wishes are put into letters to her husband and her three close friends. Her three friends are Mona, the young single Mum who struggles with commitment. Jo who is stepmother to her husbands kids but struggles to conceive her own, and Lizzie who is very unhappily married.

Very early on I liked Nicci's husband David as his grief is all too real and there are no hidden agendas with him. The book itself is a little different and because of the sort of storyline it is, it made for really interesting reading.

I liked Lizzie and Jo but if I am honest I never really warmed up to the character Mona. The story spans many months following Nicci's death and it is nice to see how all the characters progress following the death of Nicci. Having said that, although the grief is clear I think Sam Baker has done a cracking job of not making it too depressing. It is real life with a capital R, but done sensitively and with feeling.

I also liked the fact that although some parts of the ending I was happy with Sam Baker wasn't frightened to leave some things open ended, much like life itself. I will definitely be looking out for more Sam Baker books as I thoroughly enjoyed this one (albeit a sad story). Her writing style is easy to read and the book flowed well for me. This may not be everybody's cup of tea but I quite enjoyed it.

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