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My Rating: 3/5

I hold my hands up, I love trashy books! So when I read the sleeve of this book it seemed to be right up my street. It certainly isn't lacking in substance with a whopping 608 pages. The media side is quick to hype this author as a Jackie Collins type read, but seeing as Jackie Collins has such a long and successful career, as well as a huge following; it's quite a statement to make.

I dived straight into the book and immediately fell into the story. Victoria Fox gives a chapter for a character making it easy to follow. We meet all of the glamorous characters and get a feel for the situations they are in. Within the first few chapters I already knew who I did and didn't like and the characters are (as expected) typically celeb-like with their various wealth and status.

The main story focuses on Lana Falcon who was although a great lead character, the only one that took me longer to get to know. However, as the story progresses and each of the character's secrets are revealed it becomes more apparent why everybody is in the situation that they are. I liked the fact that Lana's past as told as a separate story, where the author changed the font to make it clear which parts were in the past and which were present day. I also liked the main male lead of Robert St Louis and thought that if a man like that existed in real life, women would have a serious problem keeping their hands off him!

The one character and storyline that failed to make the book better was that including Alberto (I won't say too much for fear of spoilers), but this for me ruined a large proportion of the book. Other than this particular character, the story I think was just what any `Bonkbuster' fan would want. Plenty of sex, drugs and adultery along with a splash of celebrities and set it all down in the glitzy ton of Vegas.

The book was probably a little too long and it felt like a few parts were padded out a bit too much, but aside from that it went at a good pace and was a very easy read. There will be no great surprises and the ending was pretty predictable, however this book is exactly what it says, a Bonkbuster! It's easy to read, full of trash but enjoyable all the same.

I will definitely look forward to her next book and hope that no characters such as Alberto turn up. Yes this book was okay, but to put her in the same league as Jackie Collins is a little too far from the truth at the moment. It is definitely the same style, but has certainly not reached the great heights that Jackie Collins is currently at.

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