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Wendy Holden Gallery GirlMy Rating: 2/5

I feel so disappointed with this book. I have read each and every one of Wendy Holden's books and either love them or really don't like them which can be quite frustrating. I have never read an author where my opinion sways so much between books. This book was no different. Her last book entitled Beautiful People I really enjoyed and was again looking forward to her next one.

First off all of her books are pretty hefty reads with this one being no different at 496 pages. This is great if the story warrants it but in the past I have felt that a couple of her books have been that little bit too lengthy. This book definitely fell into this category. Wendy Holden manages to always create characters with warmth and humour which to a degree she did with this book. However there were too many characters. Yes the story brings them all together but some of the characters and the plots that were strung through the book just seemed a little pointless. The main character appeared to be Beth and admittedly she was written well but her boyfriend, friends and other plots that ran alongside her seemed to be...well...put there to fill space. There were so many characters aside from Beth but there was never enough time to really connect with any of them as you jumped from character to another to keep the plot going. Some of the characters are the type you see in a Teen movie and were too over the top for my liking.

The other characters either seemed completely unbelievable or like they just had no personality (Marie being one of those characters). Zeb Spaw was quite good but there is a sudden character change literally overnight that kind of ruins the image we first get of him.I also felt like it was an effort to actually read the book which is quite unusual for me, especially books in this genre, which nine times out of ten are very easy to read. I finished the book and just felt flat, it was all very obvious where the story was being taken and seemed a little too young girl fairytale for me. Nobody minds the fairytale ending but it has to be written in a reasonably believable way!

Really disappointed that this book wasn't as good as I expected. It wasn't horrendous, but it just wasn't that good. If you were to read Beautiful People (published in 2009) and then this book you wouldn't believe they were written by the same author. I will probably continue to read Wendy Holden's books but just hope that there is a bit more consistency in her future offerings.

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