Guest Reviewer Noelle: Dubious Justice by M.A Comley (Justice Series Book 11)

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Noelle's Rating: 5/5

Available: Paperback, Kindle, Nook and Kobo

Print Length: 201 pages

Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Limited (17 April 2015)

Synopsis: DS Lorne Warner and DI Katy Foster are called to the scene of an electrician's suspected suicide but quickly discover that they're dealing with a murder case instead. Katy's family emergency forces her back home to be by her parent's side in Manchester, leaving Lorne as detective inspector, working alongside a new, and frustrating, partner.When two more murders of tradesmen occur, the investigation throws suspicion on a couple who have recently renovated their home. However, the forensic team uncovers a lot more than anyone bargained for.

Noelle's Review: I was given this book by MA Comley as an ARC. I have read and loved each one of the Justice series and this was no exception!

What I love about this series is the real emotion conveyed in the book through the characters. I am known as "The Ice Queen" and needed a box...a small box ahem...of tissues whilst reading this book. The author has a way of getting under your skin through her writing.

The storyline is also interesting and borders on reality, touching on the subject of the way "the system" can let people down. It may touch a nerve with some people but I think that is what makes the book so good.

I also like the unexpected OMG moments in MA Comley's books and Dubious Justice did not disappoint. There were times I was shouting at my kindle wondering what would happen next!! I am also cautiously curious when I read any book in the Justice series and I find they are never predictable. I am now patiently...ahem...waiting for the Book 12 as I suspect there will be more surprises based on how this book ends.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys police procedurals, thrillers and absolutely great writing! 

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