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Lesley Welsh The Serial Killers Daughter Synopsis: Suzanne’s life changes forever the day she receives a visit from Rose Anderson, the woman who has been living with her estranged father, Don.

Don is dead, but Rose wants Suzanne to have his possessions – including a series of intimate diaries and a mysterious collection of photographs of women. 

To Suzanne’s shock, one of the photos is of her friend Sophie, who died ten years ago in an unexplained and devastating fire.

But Don only met Sophie once, on an unsettling visit he paid Suzanne just days before Sophie’s death... So why did he have a picture of her?

Unable to let Sophie’s memory alone, Suzanne begins to dig into her father’s life. What horrors is she about to unearth in his journals? And who is it that’s out there, watching her every move?

Kat's Rating: 4/5 <BLOG_TOUR>

Kat's Review: Suzanne is the main character here being the 'daughter' and she is certainly a character that is in turmoil. She receives a visit from Rose Anderson who had been living with Suzanne's father. Suzanne was nothing but relieved when she received the news that her Father Don was dead. Having not seen her Father for years she felt unconcerned about her non-relationship until Rose gives her the possessions that belonged to him.

Suzanne discovers a number of diaries and notebooks which are about to make her question everything she had ever known about Don. It's hard to review this without giving spoilers away so on that front I'll say no more about the storyline as it's more interesting to let it unfold as you read. Initially I found this a little hard going, however it picked up pace a few chapters in and once it got going it held my attention. 

The story certainly doesn't hold back in terms of how sickening some things were and it certainly holds a dark and evil edge. For that alone it makes for pretty interesting reading, however it may not be to everybody's taste. There were a few twists and the story certainly picked up pace and the second half was a lot more engaging than the first half. That aside, it was a solid read and one that I enjoyed, it certainly felt very different to what I have been reading of late.

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