BLOG TOUR: That One May Smile by Valerie Keogh

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When Kelly Johnson's husband disappears, her perfect world in the Foxrock suburb of Dublin falls apart. Then she stumbles on a dead body in the graveyard behind her house.

A coincidence? Garda Sergeant Mike West thinks so until he finds a link between the dead body and Kelly's missing husband. And then to add to the problem, Kelly disappears.

The investigation takes West first to Cornwall and then to Cork, on the trail of a tangled case involving identity theft, blackmail and illegal drugs. And as if the complications of the case weren't enough there is the constant, irritating - and definitely unsuitable - attraction, to the beautiful Kelly, who will keep disappearing!.


‘Good morning,’ he said with such an irritatingly smug look on his face that she wanted to slap him there and then. ‘Enjoying your breakfast,’ he continued, crossing his arms and tilting the chair back.

Speechless, Kelly felt the breakfast gurgling in response to her increasingly rapid heartbeat. ‘What are you doing here,’ she managed to blurt out eventually.

Sergeant Mike West raised an eyebrow and lowered the legs of the chair. He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out the scrap of paper he had had photocopied from the one they had found on the body.  He smoothed it between two fingers, and reaching over he placed it on the table in front of her and sat back. It was all done very slowly, a trick he used often to unnerve people. It usually worked. This time, however, he had met a worthy opponent. She looked at the scrap of paper, reached down to get her handbag and, searching for a moment, pulled out her own scrap of paper. Smoothing it between two fingers, just as he had done, she reached over and put it on the table in front of him. ‘Check-mate,’

she said quietly.

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