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Afternoon all y'all! I wanted to make a quick blog post because my life has changed quite a lot in the last year or two and it's kind of forced me into a position where I need to start making some choices. A few years ago I started my business Soap-Dodger for those of you that don't know and from that I then launched a sister business named 'Ard As Nails which is us producing hand poured began nail polish. The business has gone from strength to strength but unfortunately I had no idea that it would grow to the extent it has. Of course I am thrilled but I am finding less and less time to read AND review and take part in Blog Tours. 

I have been so slack in anything book related that as such my blog has taken a huge hit and to be fair I am probably one of the last bloggers people think of now because I'm not present as much as others (that isn't a 'poor me' quote, it's just a fact). I have one final Blog Tour I am part of at the beginning of June and that's it. I will maybe take the odd Blog Tour now and then in the future for real favourites of mine, but can no longer keep up with everything.

I have made some amazing friends over the years and still cannot believe that I have been doing this for ten years or so. I will still be an active reader of other Bloggers and friends and I'll still be lurking on Social Media. Maybe one day when things change again I will be able to get back to doing this as it's a real passion of mine. Reading and reviewing will always be one of my great loves, but sadly my business progressing means that's what has to come first. I won't be removing my blog as it's ten years of graft and I still want to be able to post as and when I find the time. For those people that have followed me since the early days and for those that religiously read my reviews thank you so much for all your support and I hope that you don't forget me...who knows one day I may be back.

Kat x

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