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  1.  My Rating: 2/5

     My Review - James Petterson has been writing a series of books which are part of the 'Womens Murder Club' series.They involve four women who have all featured heavily in previous books. They are Lindsay, Cindy, Yuki and Claire.

     The story for the 8th Confession focuses on two main threads. The first is a murder of a "saintly" homeless man and Cindy who is a journalist finds her senses telling her to keep on at this, and she is convinced there is a story there. The other thread features the serial murders of the rich society movers and shakers in the strangest manner. It appears they have all been killed by a snake bite. Lindsay and her partner Rich Conklin need to investigate the murders to find who is behind these strange killings. Yuki meanwhile is juggling her job as an attorney and falling for what she thinks is the man of her dreams.

     I read this book just as quickly as other James Patterson books and found the pace pretty good but think that is down to the writing style as opposed to anything else. HoweverI have to say I still felt thatit was still a dissapointment. The plot just didn't seem to be there. It seemed to lack any substance and the four main characters that have featured in this series seem to have all changed personalities. What I loved about this series of books is that with each book you read you learn a little more about each of them. With this book, not only was the storyline lacking but so were the characters of the four women that us fans have come to know and love.

     Usually the girls are brought together and fight together. This time round, you get glimpses of them all and only Lindsay and Cindy really stands out as being part of the plot line. Yuki and Claire barely get a mention. I am beginning to wonder if James Patterson has lost his touch with this series or if he is churning them out far too quickly?

  2. Patricia Scanlan Happy Ever AfterMy Rating: 3/5

    First of all Patricia Scanlan's writing style has always been the typical Chick Lit stuff. It is usually the stuff or romance gone wrong and then hopefully going right with some tears and hopefully laughter along the way. I am a typical Chick Lit fan in that I like this particular style of writing and Patricia Scanlan has always been one of my favourite authors for this very reason. Her books have in the past always captured me and I end up feeling a sense of contentment whenever I read her books.

    This particular story is a follow on from her previous novel Forgive and Forget. Having said that you could read this alone and still pick up the story from where it left off. We meet Debbie and Bryan who are newly married, and Debbie's battle to get her new husband to stop spending his money on parties, drink and drugs.

    Connie who has done her bit for her daughter and son-in-law ends up having an interesting new man turn up in her life. Could this be what she has been waiting for? Unfortunately for Connie, her ex-husband Barry has re-married to Aimee. When Aimee finds out she is pregnant and Barry realises he may well have to go through parenthood all over again seeks solace by trying to get Connie's attention. In the meantime unbeknown to Aimee and Barry, Aimee's daughter Mellissa from her first marriage, is silently spiralling into a world of obsessive eating disorders. Everyone suddenly want's Connie's attention and she wonders, can she walk away from them and let them solve their own problems for once. Or will she help them all and lose the chance at her own happiness?

    Patricia Scanlan manages to cover the real topics in life such as eating disorders, relationships with your ex and love later in life without making them too disheartening. The story runs along nicely with real detail and feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed it up until the very last chapter where it felt like the author got bored of writing and just finished with a very short and sweet epilogue. Almost felt like there should have been another 5 or 6 chapters to finish it nicely. I still enjoyed the book but ended up feeling a little disappointed.

  3. Erica James Its The Little Things

    Synopsis: Dan and Sally Oliver and their friend Chloe Hennessey are lucky to be alive. Three years on, after surviving one of the world's biggest natural disasters - the Boxing Day tsunami - their lives have changed dramatically.

    Dan and Sally are now parents. Dan is enjoying being a stay-at-home father taking care of their young son, and Sally is the breadwinner and loves her job as a partner in a Manchester law firm. The arrangement has so far worked well, but when Dan starts to question whether Sally has got her priorities right, the cracks in their marriage begin to appear.

    Dan and Sally have everything Chloe wishes for in life - a happy marriage and a beautiful child. Dumped by her long-term boyfriend just weeks after the tsunami, she's been on a mission ever since to find the perfect father for the child she craves. When she meets Seth Hawthorne, she thinks she may have hit the jackpot. But is Seth the man she thinks he is?

    Kat's Rating: 3/5

    Kat's Review: The new Erica James book introduces us to Dan and Sally and Chloe and her ex Paul. After surviving the Tsunami, their lives are altered and they go back home to start afresh. Chloe splits up with Paul and is finding her job as GP in her village is not enough until she meets Seth Hawthorne, who she thinks can give her everyhting she wants. Sally and Dan have their son Marcus to consider and with Dan working from home and Sally being the breadwinner it doesnt take long for things to start going awry. Their lives become complicated and before long everything that can go wrong does go wrong. As usual it is written really well and makes for an enjoyable and realistic read. Erica James rarely dissapoints and although this book was good I felt the ending was too hurried.