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  1. My Rating: 4/5

    I am a Lisa Gardner fan and was eagerly awaiting this book. This isn't so much a follow on from the 'Bobby Dodge' series that she has done, it was more of an extension of the series. In the book we meed DD Warren who featured in the last two Bobby Dodge books (Alone and Hide). DD is a tough talking female cop who is on the trail of a missing woman. The Jones are a normal couple. It seems that Jason Jones and his wife Sandra along with their daughter Ree had a normal life, until Jason comes home and finds his wife missing. All there is to prove this theory is a broken lampshade and some missing bed sheets. DD starts the investigation and finds that Jason and Sandra's life seems a little 'too' normal for her liking. After delving, we are introduced to possible suspects for Sandra's dissapearance one of whom is registered in the sex offenders list and just happens to live on the same street as her. Sandra's father is also an unknow in this case and DD doesn't like the vibes she is picking up from him. She finds the case gets incredibly complicated the more she looks into both Sandra and Jason's past.

    This particular book had me (literally) on the edge of my seat. It gave so many suspect possibilities, along with quite a few scenarios that you wondered..."did they do it". I think her descriptions of characters are fantastic and you end up having very strong feelings about them very early on (always a good sign I think). It was just what a good crime book needs and Lisa Gardner (yet again) has delivered it. As usual I will be placing my pre-order months before so I don't miss out on her next book. FANTASTIC!

  2. Sophie KInsella Twenties GirlMy Rating: 4/5

    Now upon reading the jacket of this book I was a little concerned. Sophie Kinsella's style of writing does not normally involve ghosts. To say I was a little scepticle was an understatement!

    The first 5 chapters of the book I spent telling myself that I would give the book a fair chance. By chapter 6 I needn't have bothered as I flowed through the book in no time and actually found myself getting carried along with the story.

    We meet Lara who to be truthful is a bit of a flake. She is pining after her ex boyfriend who clearly isn't interested and attends the funeral of her great aunt Sadie. She had never met Sadie and had no idea what was in store for her when she attended the funeral. To her surprise, her great Aunt Sadie appears in Lara's life as a ghost, and spends the whole time getting Lara to chase around looking for a lost necklace that she so desperately needs before crossing over.

    Along the way we meet Lara's partner in business Natalie, who has done a bunk and left Lara to run her company. We also meet a man named Ed who Lara meets under extreme (and very funny) circumstances! Sadie ends up forcing Lara to perform a lot of strange things for her that Lara wouldn't normally dare do. At first Lara is convincing herself that all she needs to do is find this necklace, give it to her Aunt Sadie and let her cross, so she can move on with her own life. Lara is constantly fighting with her Aunt Sadie over her ex-boyfriend, who Sadie thinks is no good and whom Lara is still in love with. We also meet Lara's Uncle Bill who is famous for making and starting a very popular coffee chain. Lara finds herself becoming closer to Sadie and eventually, with the help of her Aunt, she starts to make decisions regarding her own life and makes changes to herself along the way without even realising it.

    I must say that I didn't start off with high hopes but can honestly say with my hand on my heart I enjoyed this book and the characters thoroughly. Aunt Sadie is very funny and some of the things she did or made Lara do had me chuckling to myself. In turn some of the scenes between Ed and Lara made me feel like I was sitting right next to them. That in itself is a sign of a fantastic writer. Although I had my reservations they were completely unfounded. Although this tale is not the 'norm' Girl meets boy and falls in love tale that we find, I thought it was brilliantly written and would recommend.

  3. My Rating: 4/5

    My Review- Having read and reviewed her last book and rating it as 2.5 out of 5 I didnt expect too much from this. But boy was I wrong! Wendy Holden has exceeded all expectation and written a chunky 600 page plus book full of loveable characters with a great storyline. There are a few characters that you get involved with which makes a refreshing change. There is Darcy the UK actress who "only does plays" and gets the opportunity of a lifetime to star in a US Blockbuster film. Belle the actress whos popularity has faded as quick as she can down a bottle of Champers, Emma the lovely nanny whos only goal is to get a great job in London looking after children and Orlando, the strikingly handsome young lad who is painfully shy and has a mother that wants him to be a social climber. Amongst all these characters we meet a few others along the way which eventually bring all of them together including Christian Harlow the playboy actor with an attitude to match, Ken the papparazzi who takes a break in his career and Totty the awful nanny. This was a cracking read that I read over 2 or 3 days. Fab book, and I would definately say she is back on top form.

  4. Karin Slaughter Genesis

    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: After Karins last book I was a little unsure but have to say that this book has taken me back to being an avid fan again. After reading the last book, I missed the characters I had grown to love in previous books. However this book took us further into the lives of Will Trent and his partner at GBI, Faith Mitchell. These two along with Sara Linton make for fantastic characters which I am looking forward to seeing again in the next book. This story sees Will and Faith hunting a man that is abducting and torturing young women. Not only is the story fast paced and edgy but you get to learn about all their strange quirks and what their lives have held for them in the past. This book is a great grounding for the next one and leave the questions hanging in the air regarding Sara Linton, Faith and Will. There were no shortcuts in this book and although quite a hefty read it was well worth it. I think if you havent read Karin Slaughter before I would advise reading her books in order of publication, as you get to know the characters a lot more. You could still pick this book up and love it even having not read previous ones but think knowing more about Saras history makes for an even more thriling read. Cant wait for the next one