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  1. Synopsis: When she was almost seventeen, Rosie Draper locked eyes with a charismatic student called Peter during their first week at art college, changing the course of her life forever. Now, on the cusp of sixty-five and recently widowed, Rosie is slowly coming to terms with a new future. And after a chance encounter with Peter, forty-seven years later, they both begin to wonder 'what if' . . .

    Kat's Rating: 5/5

  2. Synopsis: There are two ways out of Essex Lane Estate, better known as The Devil. You make good, or you turn bad.

    Jen Miller is determined not to make the same mistakes her mother did. She's waiting to find herself a good job and a decent man.

    Her younger sister Tiff is running errands for a gangster and looking for any opportunity for fun and profit. But she might just be in over her head...

    The choices you make and the plans you have don't always turn out like you expect. Especially if you live on The Devil's Estate. When their paths cross with the unstoppable Dee - a woman with her own agenda - Jen and Tiff will learn that lesson the hard way.

    At least they can rely on each other.

    Kat's Rating: 5/5

  3. Synopsis: SUSPENSE: Georgia’s best friend, ballroom dancing sensation Mitzi, has vanished with boyfriend Foster while on holiday in California. Can Georgia get to the truth of their disappearance before it’s too late?

    SECRETS: Reality TV star Nova could give the Kardashians a run for their money. But while she allows millions of viewers into her fabulous home, she’s unaware what her husband, celebrity mogul Jacob, is up to behind closed doors …

    SEX: Tanya is filthy rich, married to a man who adores her but she is restless. And her sexual appetite is about to get her into a whole lot of trouble.

    SCANDAL: Victoria, once the trophy-wife, has lost her mojo. Determined to get her life and marriage back on track, she’s desperate to inject some excitement in her life – but at what cost?

    Kat's Rating: 5/5

  4.  Synopsis: Suzy fell for Harry the moment she showed him her husband's sperm sample. It didn't really belong to her husband, though, because she wasn't married. It wasn't a sperm sample either, it was a drinks carton containing the dregs of her milkshake. But when you're trying to get off a speeding charge you just have to improvise, don't you? And it wasn't actually love at first sight. Still, it was undeniably a healthy attack of lust. And it might just be the beginning of something special..

     Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: I have been reading Jill Mansell since my late teens and have always loved her books. Reading this certainly took me back a bit as it was first released nearly 7 years ago. However, with any Jill Mansell book as soon as I started reading I just fell into the story and characters without a problem. Suzy Curtis is a feisty character who makes for incredibly easy reading. She is the ex-wife (number 2) of Rock Star Jaz, and along with him we meet Leo and his brother Harry. 

    The opening of the book is very funny as we see Suzy get herself in a ridiculous situation that quickly spirals and ends up with her being in a situation she maybe shouldn't be. As the book progresses we see a story line surround numerous characters and this just adds to the enjoyment of the book. Reading this book some 16 years after it was published certainly made me realise that Jill Mansell's books have seemingly got better with each year that passes. I felt like this slightly failed to hit the marks if you compare it to her recent releases.

    That aside, this really was a typically enjoyable read by Jill Mansell. Funny and lighthearted and very readable. I always find that her books are easy reads and normally a perfect book to take when you go on holiday. Although this wasn't quite as good as her newer stuff, it was still great and I will as always look out for any new releases she has coming out.  

  5. Synopsis: This is a life told back to front.

    This is a man who has lied all his life.

    Roy is a conman living in a leafy English suburb, about to pull off the final coup of his career. He is going to meet and woo a beautiful woman and slip away with her life savings.

    But who is the man behind the con and what has he had to do to survive this life of lies?

    And why is this beautiful woman so willing to be his next victim?

    Kat's Rating: 3/5

  6. Synopsis: Not DC Max Wolfe. He is looking out of his loft apartment at the deserted streets below.

    A van has just drawn up. Two men get out. Dressed in black and wearing ski-masks, they are dragging something. 

    It’s a man. Half-naked. Half-dead. But still alive.

    Not for much longer.

    Soon Max Wolfe is hunting a gang of killers who decapitate their victims

    And this time it’s personal …

    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: I only recently discovered Tony Parsons and although I enjoyed the first Max Wolfe book, I then went straight on and read the second and felt the same. They were good, but something was missing. Stupidly I didn't realise that this was a short story which I should have read prior to book 2. Not letting that put me off I picked it up at lunchtime and lo and behold finished it by the time my lunch was over. What surprised me more was how much I enjoyed the short story (which I am not traditionally a fan of). I would probably go as far as to say I enjoyed this more that the full length novel!

    What I loved about this book was that you get stuck straight in with no warning. With the book being a short story it seemed like Parsons was making the most of each page. Although Max is running the show in this latest book, the fact that it happened so close to his home means he can't stop himself getting involved. Instead a DCI Flashman of New Scotland Yard has taken the lead, but there is no way Max will let that stand in his way.

    This little gem was a fantastic read and full of pace, grit and murkiness. Although I read this in the wrong order, I'm glad I did as it gives me renewed hope for this series. I really am now looking forward to what comes in the next book.

  7. Synopsis: When a woman is murdered, the twisted killer forcing her husband to watch her slow and painful death, DCI Michael Lambert knows that his next case might be his toughest yet.

    And when a second set of killings are discovered, with exactly the same MO, the race is on the find the lethal sociopath before he strikes again.

    But Lambert never expected to receive an anonymous call from the killer. This time, it’s personal: if Lambert doesn’t find the murderer soon, his own loved ones will be next…

    Kat's Rating: 4/5


    Kat's Review: I'm disappointed I left it so long to read this series, and even more disappointed that I didn't read the first book in the series. Luckily there is enough background at the introduction of the book to give the reader a feel for the previous books content. Michael Lambert has had a very horrible time of it and the opening of the book sees his trying to speak with his wife who he is separated from. in addition to his separation he is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his daughter. He is now back to work and it seems his first big case is one that is not so straightforward.

  8. Synopsis: An estranged father’s weekend with his beloved five-year-old daughter turns into a nightmare when she gets into the lift of a city centre tower block and goes down without him. She vanishes without a trace. It sets off a race against time, and a nationwide manhunt, to find her. As the police investigation closes in, suspicion falls on those closest to her - with devastating consequences. Daddy Dearest is a terrifying story of love, obsession and psychological meltdown. 

    Kat's Rating: 4/5


    Kat's Review: I have been meaning to read this for a while and finally got around to it recently. The main character in this book is a Dad who is currently divorced and looking after his daughter at weekends. Essentially his daughter goes missing in the short space of time it takes for her to enter a life, but she isn't seen again. The synopsis sounds interesting but when you start reading the story it feels like the author has taken a different spin on what could be a bog standard missing child tale. First up probably one of the things that is strange and set my teeth on edge a little is that the father is clearly a complete headcase. 

    Written in the first person, the narrative can sometimes leave you feeling a little disturbed because you are right inside the Dad's mind and thoughts, which when the character clearly has issues can become unsettling to say the least. What becomes clear quite early on is that although Dad may be a headcase, he clearly loves his daughter and wants to find her. The book is paced well and although this isn't your bog standard thriller, the fact that it's quite different makes it feel more tense than some other books.

    This is quite a difficult book to review without plot spoiling so I will say no more about the story itself. What I will say is that I was pleasantly surprised with what the book ended up becoming. I think its a really clever and well thought out novel which has certainly made me like to read more of Paul Southern's work. If you are looking for something a little outside the box from your bog standard thriller then this may be worth taking a look at, just don't let it crawl too far into your mind!!!