Interview with Kim Chambers - August 2011

Question 1: I have read every book of yours and have been blown away with your talent! When did you first realise you had a talent for writing?

Kim: I realised I had a talent for writing about 7 chapters into Billie Jo. I then went part time at work to concentrate on it more. Before I had a bash at writing Billie Jo, I had never written anything since my school days. It was literally a first attempt, hand on heart !


Question 2: When was the first time you realised you had ‘made it’ as an author?

Kim: I remember sending a synopsis, a covering letter, and the first 3 chapters of Billie Jo off to several agents. Within 24 hours of posting, I had an agent on the phone to me, then shortly afterwards another 4 agents contacted me. I sort of knew then.


Question 3: So come on, out with it…how close to your own life is the characters you create?

Kim: Very !!!


Question 4: Do you know the plot, characters and ending before you write, or is it work in progress?

Kim: I obviously have my main characters in my mind before I start and a rough idea of the plot, but I pad the book out as I go along. Every time I finish a chapter, the next seems to come naturally to me. I always change my planned endings. For instance, Eddie Mitchell was meant to die in The Feud, until four chapters before the end. when I suddenly thought, hey, I like this mob and I fancy doing a sequel to this. Then it ended up as a trilogy. So glad I never killed Eddie off. That trilogy would never have happened without him.


Question 5: Now that the final part of the trilogy to the O’Hara’s/Mitchells (The Victim) has been released what have you got lined up for us next?

Kim: The Victim was meant to be the final part of the trilogy, but as usual, I changed my mind near the end and decided to write a fourth in the series. I,m not going to write it for a while though, as I felt as if I was married to Eddie Mitchell towards the end of it and I needed a break from the characters. My next novel is called The Schemer and is very fresh. It still has my style, choice sayings and humour stamped all over it, but is more of a mystery book in some ways. I have just finished writing it and after reading through it again, I,m absolutely thrilled with it.


Question 6: You have done most things for a job including working on the markets, a DJ and a cab driver. If you weren’t an author now, what do you think you would be doing?

Kim: I loved working on the markets and would have stuck with that for life, had it not died on it's feet. If I hadn't have made it with the books, I suppose I would still be cabbing now. I,ve got no qualifications, so I doubt I'd be doing much else.


Question 7: Now the reasonably sensible questions are out the way, I want to ask some stupid ones. When is the last time you made an idiot of yourself and how did you manage it?

Kim: Making an idiot of myself comes naturally to me, which is why I don't go out drinking much anymore. Having said that, I,m going out with the lads after the game on Sunday, so all I can do is just hope and pray I don't stack it in Tottenham High Rd. It has been known to happen in the past !


Question 8: How many times have you Googled your own name?

Kim: I used to google myself a fair bit at the very beginning, but the novelty soon wears off. I certainly wouldn't have the time to do it now, even if i wanted to.


Question 9: Have you got a secret celebrity crush?

Kim: None ! Although, I did once have a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Junior. No idea what he looks like now, but knowing my luck with geezers, he is probably fat and bald !


Question 10: You are a mad Spurs fan, so my hubby wanted me to ask you what you would give up, Spurs or writing?

Kim: Difficult question, but I would have to say Spurs. Writing drives me mad at times, but it's like a drug that is in my blood now and I could never give it up.


Question 11: Any regrets?

Kim: I have plenty of regrets, but what don't kill you will only make you stronger. I might even shock a few people by writing an autobiography one day. You never know !